Akhlaaq Building Series (Full Series | 10 Books)

Akhlaaq Building Series (Full Series | 10 Books)

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Akhlaaq Building Series teach children:

  • How to practice good Akhlaaq (manners) in their daily life.
  • To know and recognize good values from an early age
  • To share the same moral understanding and values as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

This serie featured Ali & Saaliha. It is essential for children to develop good character, morals & values from a young age.

There are 10 titles in this series:

  1. Being Honest
  2. Caring for Orphans
  3. Controlling Your Anger
  4. Forgiving Others
  5. Fulfilling Your Trust
  6. Helping Others
  7. Keeping Promises
  8. Respecting Your Mother
  9. Sharing What You Love
  10. Studying Hard

Pages 24 each