Sadaqah Jar

  • 29.00 SR

Introducing Personalised Sadaqah Jars,
Sadaqah Jariyah which simply means Continuous Alms/Charity. A continuous charity is an action that someone does that remains active even after the person is  dead.
Giving Sadaqah (charity) is not only a great way to fulfill the needs of the poor, but also serves as a purification of the heart. Therefore, it is important to instill a sense of compassion and the love for charity in your children from an early age on.
Parents have the opportunity to teach children about sadaqah jariyah (ceaseless charity).
We have created this jar to help your child learn about the concept of sadaqah jariyah

Colours may vary slightly depending on your screen.
Personalised money box
Perfect for gifts
Has a rubber stopper at the bottom to extract money.
Price : SR 29
Theme :10
Size: 11oz
Material: Glass
The bottom of the Jar has a removable plug to extract out the money.
Can be personalised in your childs name in the designs posted.